Autoimmunity: Real Health this week

This week, I was invited on the show to discuss the topic of Autoimmunity with host Stacey Holland, Nutritional therapist Ian Craig, and Chiropractor Dr Kevin Linton. It is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst society, and at the same time, sometimes tricky to diagnose.   We discuss what it is, and how it is diagnosed, and how we manage it.

I also show you the ingredients of how to make an antioxidant rich smoothie, that is packed with goodness!

Tune in!

Real Health (Channel 176 DSTV)
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2 thoughts on “Autoimmunity: Real Health this week

  1. I have an auto immune condition where my hairis thinning on my forehead. I have been trying to heal this internally… by seeing someone..which is costly. I
    Suffer from a lot of body pains.. I have anunderactive thryroid and for sure a hormonal imbalance. Full hysterectomy at 46 years of age. Do you have success in treating this?
    Do you do bloods?
    I am not on a medical aid

    Elmarie Mostert

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