Thyroid Health: This week on Real Health

This week on Real Health we discuss thyroid health. One of my favourite topics, as I myself suffer with a thyroid disorder. My journey to healing has been widely experimental and I have found great success in treating myself as well as many patients using Homeopathy.

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Why is it such a common disease these days? We look at thyroid conditions in detail to find why there is a dysfunction in the thyroid gland. We also look at a holistic approach to the thyroid being a master gland that affects every part of the body- hair, skin, energy levels and gut health.

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4 thoughts on “Thyroid Health: This week on Real Health

  1. Hi I’m soooooo interested to know how you’ve managed your thyroid condition. I have hypothyroidism and I really need to find a different approach to it. I have no access to dstv. Is there some way I can get in touch with you.

  2. Hi yash. Please can you recommend a good homeopath like yourself in the central durban/ westville area. I have thyroid issues for the last4 years. I am on uthyroxine 50img doctor increased it to 100mg because my levels was not balancing however I developed dermatitis after my dose wS increased not sure it the increased dosage was the cause. Please assist. Regards sheritha Dasari

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